Eight tips for getting out the door

1. Prepare/set out as much as possible the night before.

2. Set alarms/timers on your phone to remind everyone how much time you have. For example, 30 minutes till you have to leave, 15 minutes and so on.

3. Hide the remote!

4. Keep shoes, backpacks, hats, etc. in dedicated baskets near the door so the kids always know where they are and can find them easily.

5. Have a rule that there’s time to play but only after they’re completely ready to go, so they can walk out the door when it’s time to leave.

6. Keep a bag of extra essentials like nappies, wipes, and sunscreen in the car so you’re not scrambling to refill at the last minute.

7. Get older kids to help the younger ones.

8. Put the youngest ones in the car/pram first so they don’t spill something on themselves or empty the toy box while you’re getting others out the door.