Early Years topics

These presentations are an indication of what our speakers can talk about in regards to parenting children 0-6 years old. If you have a specific topic in mind, we can customise a presentation to suit your needs. Please contact us directly regarding a topic that may not be on this list.

Ready-set-go-starting-school-confidentlyReady, set, go – starting school confidently

Help your child be socially, emotionally and mentally prepared for big milestones such as starting kindy, school and other new ventures. Learn to overcome the concerns and anxieties – both your child’s and your own.


Top 10 do’s and the top 5 don’ts for parents

Unfortunately children don’t come with an instruction manual, but this presentation might help. We look at the top 10 parenting skills that work, and the common mistakes we often make. Learn practical steps to develop happy, healthy, children that you can enjoy and be proud of.

Tools-for-engaging-cooperation-and-conquering-bad-behaviourTools for engaging cooperation and conquering bad behaviour

Creating a positive family atmosphere takes effort, but saves energy in the long run. As harmony increases in your home, there will be fewer battles to get the cooperation you need. Learn how to keep cooperation levels high, diffuse constant confrontations and get on top of bad behaviour.

A-fresh-perspective-on-sleeping-eating-and-toilet-trainingA fresh perspective on sleeping, eating and toilet training

The big three (sleeping, eating, toilet training) can often dominate the preschool years – they are areas where children want to take control and can become resistant. Learn what children really need and will thrive on, and get great practical ideas to meet these significant challenges.

How-to-raise-a-happy-childHow to raise a happy child

We all want our kids to be happy – but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. We’ll explore what really makes a happy and contented child, and talk about things you can weave into everyday parenting to help your children grow up with confidence and a good self-image.

Mealtime survival skills

Mealtimes can be a great way to encourage family togetherness and catch up on everyone’s day. They can also be a stressful arena for battling with fussy eaters and bad manners. We discuss the importance of eating together whenever possible, and give plenty of ideas and inspiration to help put the magic back into family meals.

The-A---E-of-raising-great-kidsThe A-E of raising great kids

Learn about the different parenting styles and what style is the most effective and enjoyable for you. Learn to create a loving and fun Atmosphere, techniques and guidelines for setting Boundaries, Communicate so you get your message across and build a great relationship. Learn the importance of Discipline, together with consequences, for your child’s actions. Set an Example – walk the talk.