General Parenting topics

These presentations are an indication of what our speakers can talk about in regards to parenting. If you have a specific topic in mind, we can customise a presentation to suit your needs. Please contact us directly regarding a topic that may not be on this list.

Growing-great-familiesGrowing great families

For parents who invest in their family, the rewards are huge. You can build your family the same way as you build a house, with good foundations of love and values, strong walls of boundaries and discipline and a roof of parental ‘mana’ to keep it all together. Learn to make this happen with the least effort.

Dads-and-daughtersDads and daughters

Dads would be foolish if they claimed to be an expert on females. Tips to build a rich, loving and very special relationship between dads and their daughters. Understand your daughter’s world, communicate with her, inspire, protect and coach her.

Mums-and-sonsMums and sons

Learn how to enjoy parenting your son and turn confrontations and battlefields into positive experiences. Coach and inspire your son to become a man with potential.

Growing-boys-and-raising-girlsGrowing boys and raising girls

Boys and girls are different. Learn to adjust your parenting style to match the different strengths and needs of your children. This presentation can also be two separate topics.

Building-resilience-and-self-esteem-for-lifeBuilding resilience and self-esteem for life

Life can be stressful for our children – worries about academic performance, heavy scheduling, peer pressure and media messages can create very anxious kids. Help your child make wise decisions, build on their strengths, deal with stress, foster hope, and develop skills to navigate a complex world.

Love-languages-of-childrenLove languages of children

Learn skills to express your love to your children in the language they understand. Every child feels loved in different ways so by understanding their specific language, you enhance your relationship by helping them feel more loved and secure.

Grandparents-raising-grandchildrenGrandparents raising grandchildren

Whether you’re full-time or part-time grandparenting, learn effective strategies for developing the best relationship so you can be a switched-on, fun-loving grandparent. Learn to be a solid force in their changing world.

Understanding-your-childs-personalityUnderstanding your child’s personality

Every child is born with DNA hardwired into who they are. Learn why children act and react the way they do, and how your parenting style can support their needs.

Parenting-from-a-united-frontParenting from a united front

Parenting is strengthened when mum and dad are on the same page. Children quickly work out how to divide and conquer. It is important that mum and dad stick to the same game plan.

Strategies-for-blended-familiesStrategies for blended families

Practical solutions for blending two families – overcoming obstacles and building success together. Understand blended family dynamics, learn to create and sustain a great couple relationship, effective communication and conflict resolution, co-parent peacefully with ex-partners and unite your family with positive parenting strategies.

Communication-speaking-your-familys-languageCommunication – speaking your family’s language

Two of the most important things needed to grow a great family are communication and fun. Learn how these two important elements can make your family special.

Get-on-top-of-sibling-rivalryGet on top of sibling rivalry

As a rule, siblings become good friends once they reach adulthood but getting there can be tough work. Learn how to patch things up when siblings collide and how to defuse the tensions before they explode. Practical steps towards gaining cooperation and overcoming the constant battles, leading to a more peaceful home.