Tweens and Teens topics

These presentations are an indication of what our speakers can talk about in regards to parenting children 12-18 years old. If you have a specific topic in mind, we can customise a presentation to suit your needs. Please contact us directly regarding a topic that may not be on this list.

Preparing-for-adolescencePreparing for adolescence (10-12 years)

Get your child’s teenage years off to a great start. Prepare yourself for adolescence with insights and techniques that will help you communicate and set boundaries so you can coach them through these exciting years.

Parenting-tweenagersParenting tweenagers (10-13 years)

Positively preparing for adolescence will reassure both you and your tween that you are equipped for the exciting years ahead.

Parenting-teenagersParenting teenagers (11-18 years)

Enjoy your teenagers! An entertaining dose of parenting insight on how to live with teenagers and understand their culture. Life with teens will never be dull, but a few simple strategies and techniques will help keep your teen on board so you can avoid the perils and make life so much easier. Learn to communicate with them, and give them love and limits to help get them through their teenage years.

Technology-todayTechnology today

Parents will get the skills and confidence they need to be proactive in tackling text bullying, porn, sexting, online predators, gadget addiction and electronic gaming. Be aware of the scope and perils of this digital age, moving on past the negatives through to maximising the positives and putting safeguards in place.

Get-a-life--help-your-teen-navigate-their-futureGet a life – help your teen navigate their future

Top tips to help your teen get ahead – discover your teenager’s passion and abilities so you can help them plot a course to a great future, with ambition and optimism.

Boomerang-kids---living-with-your-older-teens-and-adult-childrenBoomerang kids – living with your older teens and adult children

Enabling your 18+ teenager to leave home, surviving if they don’t, and coping with the empty nest when they do go!

Drugs-sex-and-technologyDrugs, sex and technology

Some things are just too awkward to talk to your parents about. Drugs, sex, alcohol, sexting, porn, bullying, dating and the hair on your big toe. This fun and provocative presentation will tackle the topics you would rather not.

Drugs-alcohol-and-teens-do-they-mixDrugs, alcohol and teens – do they mix?

We don’t need to tell you about the troubles teenagers have with drugs and alcohol – the media has already done that. Learn insights into a teenager’s world, break the myths and receive practical advice on parenting through these difficult years.

Bullying-your-child-doesnt-need-to-be-a-victim-tween-teenBullying – your child doesn’t need to be a victim

Practical approaches to avoid, deflect and defeat bullying, with strategies to bring about change. Learn ways to reduce the psychological harm to your child, including proactive approaches parents can take with schools. We also discuss what to do if your child is the bully.