Code of Conduct

Social Media Community Guidelines

Parenting Place is a charitable organisation providing articles, videos, courses and other resources that aim to support parents and caregivers in Aotearoa. Some of our content is made available through our social media accounts, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We encourage contributions on our social media pages, but reserve the right to remove posts that are not in line with our community guidelines. Please keep all comments and posts respectful, relevant and refrain from using offensive language or imagery.

Parenting Place reserves the right to:

  • determine what constitutes inappropriate content

  • hide or entirely remove inappropriate content

  • ban users from its social media communities.

We may delete posts which contain:

  • offensive language, abuse or threats

  • off-topic or irrelevant information to the thread of conversation

  • potentially defamatory statements

  • confidential information (including contact details and personal information)

  • spam or advertising

  • nudity, pornography or child abuse

  • excessive violence

  • content that is illegal, gives instructions for illegal activity or advocates illegal activities.

If you find content on one of our pages which you feel breaches these guidelines, please email us at

Code of Conduct

Parenting Place Code of Conduct for face-to-face courses or events, and online courses or webinars, in addition to the above guidelines:

  • Enjoy yourselves and learn as much as you can

  • Ask questions when appropriate, but allow your facilitator/s to direct the course

  • Respect the facilitator/s and follow reasonable instructions

  • Respect other participants especially during breakout sessions¬†

  • Allow everyone in breakout sessions / rooms to have their say

  • Bullying, sexual innuendo, coarse language, and angry tones will not be tolerated

Parenting Place reserves the right to determine what is inappropriate conduct, and reserves the right to remove any course participant who does not behave in line with the above guidelines.

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