Frequently asked questions


What happens in a coaching session?

Each session is one hour long. In your first coaching session, the coach will be learning about the family background, the aspirations and goals for the family as well as the present issues. Time is also given to investigating the common parenting style used, to ascertain the direction of the coaching input and what strategies would be most useful.

A plan is given for progress and suggested resources/workshops/seminars offered. Some families find that one session is all that is required. However, many families see the effectiveness of a series of sessions that enable them to gain traction and confidence in the style and techniques offered.

How much time should there be between sessions?

Every family is unique. Generally we recommend a three week gap between each coaching session, but this depends on the needs of the family.

Do children attend the sessions? What about young babies/siblings?

Family Coaching is for you to attend without your child/children present. This provides the space required to focus on the specific needs and challenges within each family, without the conversation being overheard. The coaching rooms are not specifically set up to be ‘child-friendly’ either, so we ask that care is arranged for your children to maximise the potential of the session. Nursing babies are very welcome.

What if I can’t afford the fee?

We have endeavoured to set the fee at a reasonable rate so that it is accessible to families. If finance is an issue, we ask parents to contact us. There is some funding available to subsidise this fee.

WINZ or CYF clients may be eligible for funding to cover coaching sessions. Contact your case manager or social worker for more information.

What hours are the Family Coaches available?

The Family Coaches are available at various times Monday to Friday during business hours, with limited evening sessions available by request. We are not a crisis service. Please refer to our parenting services directory.

Is this counselling?

No, the coaching service provides advice specifically for parenting related challenges. This is more of a mentoring based approach and gives you practical parenting ideas and strategies to implement in your home. We can recommend counsellors and other services if this is more appropriate.

Is the coaching confidential?

All your information, whether written or verbal, will be held in the strictest confidence unless your safety, or the safety of others, becomes an issue. Every effort will be made to discuss this with you prior to any action being taken.

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