Family Coach Terms & Conditions

In accepting these Ts&Cs, you acknowledge and accept the following statements as fairly representing the understanding reached between yourselves and Parenting Place

a. Either from a preliminary telephone discussion or within the first coaching session with a representative of Parenting Place (the Family Coach), you provided an outline of the facts surrounding your family, your relationship with your family, and the problems which you wish to discuss in regard to your family (collectively, the Issue).

b. During the course of the discussion that you will now take part in (the Coaching Service) you will outline any further facts which are required to give an accurate and complete understanding of the Issue.

c. You agree that the Family Coach will only give advice in the Coaching Session which is relevant to the facts as they are aware of them. The Family Coach and Parenting Place will not be responsible for the verification of the accuracy of those facts.

d. The Family Coach will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that their advice is accurate and correct. However, neither the Family Coach nor Parenting Place accepts any responsibility or liability on any ground whatever, including liability in negligence, to you or to any third party where the Family Coach’s advice is inaccurate or in any way incorrect because of relevant facts of which the Family coach was not made aware.

e. You are aware that the Family Coach is not a counsellor. You are aware of their role as a mentor in the Coaching Session, and will therefore treat their advice with caution as appropriate.

f. You agree and accept that should the facts as you have outlined them suggest to the Family Coach that advice from a professional counsellor or medical professional (Professional Advice) is necessary, the Family Coach will make you aware of this and, where possible, suggest appropriate professionals whom you can approach to discuss the issue.

g. You agree and accept that where the Family Coach recommends Professional Advice, the Family Coach’s recommendations will not be followed until you have received such professional Advice; and after receiving Professional Advice, they will only be followed to the extent that they are consistent with the Professional Advice. Parenting Place will collect and use your details to identify you, assist you with using Parenting Place resources, keep you informed of upcoming events, parenting resources and staff vacancies, inform you of any changes to our products and services, conduct checks on the products and services provided to you and to obtain your feedback in relation to our products and services. Your details are stored securely at our National Office at 300 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland and can only be accessed by our staff. You are welcome to contact us at any time to access or update your information or to opt-out of receiving further communication from us.