Keeping baby safe in a sling

Popping baby in a sling can instantly make a mother’s life easier. A grizzly little one can be soothed while her mother’s arms are freed up to do other things. But as with any baby gear, special attention needs to be paid to safety. The Queensland based Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety has provided the following tips.

  • Keep the child’s face and especially the nose and mouth uncovered at all times.
  • Avoid the child being curled into the ‘C’ position where the child’s chin touches the chest and blocks the airways.
  • Show caution and seek medical advice for using baby sling carriers for premature infants, if they have a cold or a low birth weight.
  • Regularly checking the child to ensure the child has not slipped into the pouch (if the sling is a pouch type) covering the child’s nose and mouth.
  • Reposition the child after breast feeding to keep the nose and mouth clear.
  • Acknowledge that some slings may be a safer option than others, such as those that carry the child in the vertical position.