The brain-boosting habit for your child you already know how to do

I was talking with Nathan Wallis last night and he mentioned that research shows very few children actually benefit from an early dose of academic learning – the so-called head start vanishes by early school years.

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Those who start school-type learning later catch up quickly because it is all about the stages of brain development. Giving a three year old education meant for a seven year old is like feeding a newborn steak and chips – it’s just not the right time. All the reading and arithmetic – that’ll happen, but later, when their brains are geared up and ready to learn that stuff.

You can boost their learning in the early years. The boosters are – a one-on-one, loving, safe relationship, lots of verbal language and opportunities to play. Do I mean education disguised as play so that they learn shapes and colours and numbers while they play? No, I mean banging pot lids and chasing the cat and squelching in mud and twanging that springy door stopper thing. I mean play.

If you want your kids to have PhD one day and make a million bucks, then roly-poly and splashing in a bucket and finger painting are what they should be doing when they are three. And the nice things is – it’s more enjoyable for your child and a lot more enjoyable for you.

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