Time for myself

My teenage self would have been completely horrified at what I did last weekend – I went to the movies all by myself.

It felt like a complete luxury. And while as a teenager I would walk round the block a couple of times rather than be seen alone waiting for friends outside the theatre, this time I relished the solitude. After a couple of hours of hours nursing a large coffee and escaping into another world (New York city via Begin Again in this instance), I went back home to my hectic household feeling relaxed and energised for another week. Sure a week on a tropical island would even more relaxing and energising, but I’m a great believer in simple pleasures. Without wanting to sell myself short, I can honestly say that buying a bunch of spring flowers, a glossy magazine or a new lipstick are significant spirit boosters for me.

Time alone works well too. I can easily go an entire week with my only alone time being the drive between school drop-off and work. I relish my busy life and the opportunities being a mother brings, but I’ve learned I’m much better at being a mum when I build in a little bit of time for myself.


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Hannah Dickson

Hannah was the editor of Parenting magazine and theparentingplace.com from 2008 until 2015. She's a mother of two primary school-aged children and is passionate about baking, cupcakes and giving children a great start with a warm and creative family life.

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