Top five activities for bath time fun

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Sandwiched between dinner and the bedtime story, it’s easy to feel like bath time is a chore we need to rush. But if we think back to when we were kids, we might remember bath time taking us to a world of fun. Think toy boat races, castles made of foam and some zany hair styles! If that’s the kind of world you think your kids would love or you’re looking for a few extra ideas, check out these suggestions:

1. Foam it up

Why not get the most out of the bubble bath, hair and skin wash products you buy for your kids? Let them whip up some foamy creations like imaginary cakes, buildings, sea creatures or even a bubbly mohawk? Ecostore’s kids range is perfect for introducing some healthier foam into bath time.

2. Make it colourful

If you don’t mind a bit of extra cleaning up, there are lots of ways to get colour into bath time. One is watercolour paints made with vegetable-based dyes that kids can use on tiles around the bath. ‘Bath crayons’ are another option for masterpieces by little hands – there are lots of tutorials for these online. They’re made from grated or softened soap mixed with water and natural food dyes, then placed in a mould to harden. Most tutors say these paints and ‘crayons’ won’t stain the bath or other surfaces.

3. Put a toy box together

It’s great to have a kit assembled so all your childrens’ favourite things are ready when it’s bath time. Add natural sponges, natural rubber toys, or some wooden or PBA-free building blocks for sensory play. Remember kids love to do things themselves, not just when it comes to toys. If they can use bath products themselves safely, that’s half the fun – ecostore’s kids range handwash is one they can dispense themselves and it has more than 500 pumps so it won’t run out in a hurry! Fragrance is another important part of sensory play – the ecostore kids range uses delicious fruity zing and pear pop. And putting empty bubble bath or shampoo/conditioner bottles into the box is a great way to re-use them.

4. Create a theme

With a well stocked toy box, each night of the week can turn into a different world. The characters on the ecostore kids range bottles are great for leading kids into great imagination. Take Nabi the narwhal from our bubble bath. He’d love to join the kids in popping a few bubbles, and showing off a few dance moves and back flips. And Moss the moa on our pear pop three in one really wants to help save New Zealand’s native birds and bush.

5. The bathroom classroom

If bath time is going to be a bit longer, sneak some learning in between the splashes! Help your child identify the paint or ‘crayon’ colours, or turn wooden letters into a quick spelling session. Your child might also want to turn their bath experience into a story the next day.

For safer bath time fun, give ecostore’s kids range a try. There’s a three in one shampoo, conditioner and body wash for foam to the max; a foaming handwash kids can dispense themselves, and a bubble-licious bubble bath. Find out more at or see the range in store.


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