Zootopia gets the thumbs up

From the creators of Frozen and Big Hero 6, comes Disney’s Zootopia. Hoyts very kindly gave us tickets to see the preview, and Family Coach, Jenny Hale, took her granddaugter along to check it out.

Jenny’s review

We took our nearly six year old granddaughter to see the preview of Zootopia and had a delightful and very enjoyable experience. Throughout the movie, there’s nice banter between the main characters – a rabbit and a fox, who form an unlikely relationship. They work well together and end up being very good for one another.

One of the themes explored in this movie is the importance of having ambition and holding steadfastly to your dreams and aspirations, despite the obstacles. There are also messages of teamwork, empathy and tolerance.

The pace is quite fast and for our sensitive granddaughter, a few of the scenes were a bit scary with the wild animals looking and acting a little ferocious at times. Fortunately for us all, there were no deaths, which was her big concern. I noticed more adults than children laughing throughout the movie, but there was plenty to keep both age groups engaged throughout. It definitely gets a ‘thumbs up’ from me.

If you’d like to take your kids along to see this great movie, it hits the screens on 7 April 2016.


About Author

Jenny Hale

Jenny Hale is our Senior Family Coach and we’ve been lucky enough to have her on our team for 19 years now. Once upon a time, Jenny was a teacher. These days, she spends her time supporting our team of Family Coaches, training new ones, and travelling around the country talking in preschools, schools and churches. She loves working with families and helping them find solutions to the challenges they face with behaviour and parenting. Jenny has been married to Stuart for 40 years and adores being a grandma to her grandkids (who live just 1km away). She needs a support group so she can stop buying books for them. She’d love to raise free-range chickens, write children’s books and perhaps even take up horse-riding again.

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