I’m starting school soon

I am going to be five soon. Grandma says it’s only five weeks before I can put on my uniform and go to school. Everyone keeps saying that I am such a big boy. Actually, I kind of like kindy and think I should be liking school so I am quite excited, but I am scared too.

Mum and I have been to two school visits and I really liked that. My teacher is called Mrs Lawrence and she knows my name. I already know quite a bit about school. My classroom is room number eight and there are 15 children in the class. I know where to hang up my bag and where to put my lunch and drink bottle. On my visits I sat on the mat for a bit which is okay but not as much fun as playing outside. The other kids put their hands up if they wanted to talk – I wonder if I will have to do that as well?

I now know where the toilets for the boys are. Mum and Dad both said that if I didn’t know something or forgot where the toilets are, I can just ask and the teacher will tell me. The thing I am looking forward to most is that I am going to learn to read all by myself. I don’t know all my letters yet but I know how to write my name and I know where I live. Dad says he will help me practise so I think I will be okay. I can count to 10 and I know lots of colours as well.

Dad also says that he liked school when he was a boy so I think I’ll like it too. The school has lots of grass and some monkey bars and a swimming pool. He showed me where I can play once I have eaten my lunch. We have even been to the school at the weekend on my scooter and I can find my classroom on my own. I showed Dad where the toilets are and the drink fountain.

Mum says that we will play a game at afternoon tea time called ‘the best part and the not so good part’ of the day. My younger brother can play it too. All you do is get a turn to share what you liked most about the day and the part that was not your favourite. At kindy I often said that the best part was playing with my friend Ben in the sandpit, and the worst part was if Ben was playing with someone else. I don’t know what I will say about school but I like this game because Mum mainly listens.

I think school is going to be fun. I wonder how long five weeks is?

Some Hot Tips on how to help your child navigate that big step of starting school

  • Try not to over-talk starting school. Sometimes talking school up can create false expectations and anxiety. Just the occasional reference to it is fine.
  • Visit the school and playground. The more a child sees and feels familiar within the environment the better.
  • Children really do like to know where to find things like the toilet, the hall, the library, the playground and the office.
  • Children need to know they can ask questions and that someone will help. Reassure them that questions are fine.
  • Ask interesting questions like, “What was the best thing about school today?” “What would you like to do tomorrow that you didn’t do today?” “Can you remember a story that the teacher read today?” “Did you put your hand up today? What was it for?”
  • Questions like, “What did you do today?” don’t often get the best answers. To get more engagement, time your questions for when they have some energy.
  • Keep life as simple and ordinary as possible. School is very tiring for a five year old. After-school activities can wait for a bit as school is enough of a challenge in itself.


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Jenny Hale is our Senior Family Coach and we’ve been lucky enough to have her on our team for 19 years now. Once upon a time, Jenny was a teacher. These days, she spends her time supporting our team of Family Coaches, training new ones, and travelling around the country talking in preschools, schools and churches. She loves working with families and helping them find solutions to the challenges they face with behaviour and parenting. Jenny has been married to Stuart for 40 years and adores being a grandma to her grandkids (who live just 1km away). She needs a support group so she can stop buying books for them. She’d love to raise free-range chickens, write children’s books and perhaps even take up horse-riding again.

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