5 minutes with Alice and Caleb Pearson

Winners of The Block NZ, Alice and Caleb Pearson, have recently welcomed child number two into their family. We asked them to share some thoughts on what they’ve learned and enjoyed so far.

How does it feel to be a family of four? How have things changed for you?

We love being a family of four – especially because Alek is so in love with his brand new baby sister, Mika, and is an affectionate and helpful big brother. Our new addition has brought out the best in him. As much as we’re loving it, it certainly has its challenges too – life has slowed down to make room for a newborn and it takes that much longer to get out of the house when we get the chance.

Caleb, what’s your favourite thing about being a dad?

I love getting to play and hang out with Alek – we have so much fun together. There is always something new to teach him or new things for him to discover – being a part of that journey is pretty special.

Caleb, what is it like being the dad of a newborn?

There isn’t a whole lot you can do as a dad of a newborn, but I do bathe Mika each night and help with the burping and changing when I can – or when I am told to! Alice, what’s your favourite thing about being a mum? I love the nurture and care that my kids bring out in me. I love what a cuddle or a kiss from me can do for them. I am so aware of their well-being and happiness – it is pretty incredible the way you love as a parent.

Any advice for first-time parents?

Try to be one step ahead of where your child is at in terms of their development. It is good to step into each stage of their development somewhat prepared. With parenting there is always going to be a huge amount of guesswork and trial and error, but the more you can pre-empt some of this, the less confusing and stressful it is. Don’t spend too much time with worry either. People say, “They’ll grow out of it,” because they usually do. Every child is different, so what works for another parent may not work for you. Be confident in yourself, not your feelings.

Something else that we would recommend as parents is trying to date each other whenever you get the chance, and not forgetting to look after yourself – when you’re happy, so is your little one.

Has it been challenging having a lot of media attention around the birth of your kids? How do you navigate this?

We haven’t felt too overwhelmed with attention, but we were certainly surprised when our pregnancies and children’s births were considered news. It did get us into trouble with some relatives, when they found out through the news that we were pregnant for the second time! We appreciate that we are public figures in a sense, and we do hope that who we are and how we do life as a family will encourage and inspire others. As long as the media is portraying the truth, we are happy to share our stories on our own terms.

What has surprised you most about parenthood?

Parenthood is like entering a whole new world that you had no idea existed before your child. There are so many theories and techniques for parenting, so many songs and activities to do, so many products to use – it is full on! It changes your whole life – how you spend money, what you prioritise, what you can personally achieve, how you holiday, and how you do your marriage. But once you’ve crossed over into parenthood there’s no way you would ever want to go back – even if that were possible!