5 minutes with our team: Anthony Coyle

Behind the scenes at The Parenting Place is a team of fantastic, passionate, fun (quirky) people. We wanted to introduce you to some of these family-loving people across our various departments. This week, meet one of our creative team members, Anthony Coyle.

What do you do at The Parenting Place?

Videography and graphic design are my two roles. That means going out and capturing stories of how our work is impacting families in New Zealand. If I’m not out and about filming I am in the office editing video and eating what some might describe as ‘too many’ chocolate biscuits.

How long have you worked here?

One and a half years.

What is your nickname at work? And why?

Ants is the standard, hopefully that is pretty self-explanatory. Egg man is another nickname I have – see below. (Editor’s note: Ants is also affectionately known by the others on the creative team as ‘Fancy Pants Ants’ because of his adventures around the country to capture families.)

Tell us a bit about your family

I am the third oldest of six children. My parents Chris and Jean were married in their early 20s and wasted no time in getting the Coyle family started. My early childhood was spent in Dunedin before we moved to Rotorua where I went through intermediate and high school. My parents did well to keep us all alive, entertained and fed, whilst also maintaining most of their sanity. My most vivid childhood memories are telling my other siblings to be quiet because I couldn’t hear the TV, and complaining to my parents that if they didn’t have so many children we would have been so much richer.

What is the best thing about being an uncle?

The best thing about being an uncle is getting kisses and cuddles and then having the ability to give them back once they start crying or spewing up.

You are office-renowned for your egg-poaching-in-the-microwave technique. Please share your secret to the perfect poached egg.

Knowing the power of your microwave is key. 1 minute on high is not the same in every microwave. I take no responsibility for exploding eggs.

  1. Put about 2 inches of boiling water in a small bowl
  2. Crack eggs into the water
  3. Cook on high for 1 minute and 10 seconds
  4. Turn eggs over, the bottom cooks slower than the top
  5. Cook for a further 15 seconds
  6. Drain, dry off and put on toast.

Two truths and a lie about yourself. Go.

I can ride a unicycle. I play the cello. I am the chef of the house.