5 minutes with our team: Bruce Waldin

Behind the scenes at The Parenting Place is a team of fantastic, passionate, fun (quirky) people. We wanted to introduce you to some of these family-loving people across our various departments. This week, meet our fearless chief operating officer, Bruce Waldin.

What do you do at The Parenting Place?

I lead the support and resourcing areas of Parenting Place – fundraising, marketing, finance and people.

How long have you worked here? Tell us a favourite memory.

I started part-time in 2015 with a focus on fundraising development. It’s been great to see our growing financial support from so many people and organisations. A specific highlight was overseeing the development of a fundraising campaign last year through our partnership with The Warehouse. It raised $180,000 towards our work with vulnerable families.

What is your nickname at work? And why?

Don’t really have one – yet! Bruceski, Bruce Ma-oose and Groovy Brucie have found their way into conversations with a couple of the team.

Tell us a bit about your family.

I’m married to Sarah – we just had our 25 year anniversary on Anzac Day (yes, it falling on a public holiday has sometimes helped me remember!). It was a pretty cool milestone to celebrate. We have three awesome children – Holly, who is 18, Sam, 15, and Isaac, 11.

You were spotted recently at the Adele concert with your daughter – what was the song you sang the loudest to and what are some other fun things you do with your kids?

Holly and I loved the Adele concert – my favourite singalong was Water Under The Bridge. Favourite fun stuff with the kids include skiing, boating, playing 500 cards/tennis/table tennis, and going to the odd Super Rugby game with the boys.

What is the best thing about being a dad?

The continual changes I see in my kids as they grow. It is so cool seeing them develop their values, character and talents, and to celebrate their achievements.

You are famous around the office for your dad wit – tell us your best dad joke.

Am I really?! I asked the kids to answer this and they said it had to be this one –

“What’s the difference between a shark and a hammerfor?”
“What’s a hammerfor?”
“Hitting in nails, silly!”

(Editor’s note: Bruce was initially shocked to discover his reputation for dad jokes but has since embraced it with great pride. The above joke was also tested on our team and much to his delight, we fell for it and then proceeded to roll our eyes with gusto.)

Two truths and a lie about yourself. Go.

I’ve won a champion rifle-shooting cup. I once played drums for a covers band. I used to be a front-row forward in a rugby team.

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