5 minutes with our team: Jenny Hale

Behind the scenes at The Parenting Place is a team of fantastic, passionate, fun (quirky) people. We wanted to introduce you to some of these family-loving people across our various departments. First up, one of our fabulous Family Coaches, Jenny Hale

What do you do at The Parenting Place?

Well, I like variety so I do a few things. For starters, I coach families who have got a bit stuck on their journey and are finding the challenges of parenting a bit much. Then I write for the magazine particularly about the things that parents find works well in their own families. I read quite a few parenting books and choose some of the best for us to sell or recommend to other families. There’s a bit of time to speak on The Café on TV One and to do speaking presentations here in Greenlane and around New Zealand. And then there’s a small team of coaches and I kind of watch over them.

How long have you worked here?

I have been here for ages – it’s around 17½ years – definitely the longest I have ever been in one job. I must like this job quite a bit!

What is your nickname at work? And why?

Now days they call me the Queen. It could be more to do with longevity but I think it’s said quite lovingly and I get the occasional bow or curtsy. Quite nice really.

Tell us a bit about your family

I’m married to Stuart and we’ve been together for 39 years. Next year I celebrate the 40/60. 40 years married, and 60 years old! We have two adult children and our eldest son Michael is married to Heather. They have two children and we get so much enjoyment from them. Heidi is seven years old and Beaumont is two years old. We live close to each other so get lots of time together. Our daughter is living in a tiny home on Waiheke Island and commutes to teach at Auckland Girls Grammar.

Tell us a favourite parenting memory/moment

A lasting and special memory for us is the time our children had with both sets of grandparents. They were loved and cherished so much and the patience and attentiveness of these dear people touched us all deeply. Having a farm to visit was also pretty special too.

What is the best thing about being a grandparent?

The best thing about being a grandparent is the cuddles and reading them stories. I just love the closeness you get with them in your lap and their joy in the story. Nothing beats it.

Two truths and a lie about yourself. Go.

Before I attended teachers college, I was a groom for the New Zealand equestrian team, training for the Olympics. I once won two raffles in a row at a family beach fun day in Ngunguru. I have never eaten anchovies. One of these is a lie and the other two are true.

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