Nine things I’m loving

When life gets busy and complicated it’s easy to let some of the positives slip by unnoticed. I love reading people’s lists of what they are grateful for. There’s something about sharing the gratitude that makes you notice what’s good in your own life. Here’s my list from the last few days.

  1. A girl who is breathless with excitement about her birthday party
  2. Daffodils in my garden
  3. A boy who wakes up at 6am and instantly starts on Lego creations
  4. Finally finishing my ‘summer’ reading list – The Luminaries and The Goldfinch, two incredibly long, but brilliant books. I remember during the baby and toddler years I thought I would never have the time to read again.
  5. Photographing the cover for the next issue of Parenting magazine (on sale August 28). It might be our best one yet!
  6. Spending an hour interviewing Diane Levy for our next issue and realising yet again that she is a wonderful source of advice and encouragement for all New Zealand parents
  7. Star Wars movie marathons during the school holidays
  8. Lemon cake made with fruit from the neighbour’s bountiful tree
  9.  A seven year old who was very understanding when the Tooth Fairy ‘got stuck in traffic’ and he had to wait an extra night for his precious tooth to be exchanged for a coin.