All about me

I love a good questionnaire – anything from What TV sitcom mother are you? to How many flags of the world can you recognise? and I’m there.

So at a meet the teacher evening at our school last week, I was delighted that the teachers of both my children had got the children to answer questions about what they enjoyed doing and their goals for the year. They were all displayed on the wall so I could practise my best ‘fly on the wall’ parenting skills.

Some of their answers were heartwarming – like my son talking about a recent family holiday in answer to What one thing would you like to do again? Others seemed a little ambitious – like learning another language being just one of a long list of goals for the year.

But it was great to see their likes, dislikes and dreams for the year set down in black and white, and I tried to do a mental tally of how many answers I would have got right if I’d be asked to fill them out on my children’s behalf.  I had to be honest and admit my score would only have been average.