A bit of perspective

This weekend past, the internet took me to the brink of insanity – then brought me all the way back. I blame a few days sick in bed with no one for company but my iPad. I completely lost my voice, so my family couldn’t get any sense from me. My head hurt too much to read any of the books piled up beside my bed and my constant coughing meant I couldn’t hear the dialogue on any movies I tried to watch, so instead I surfed.

I read online magazines and indulged in design blogs to my heart’s content. But then I started obsessing – about my kitchen mainly. I didn’t need a new one, I told myself reasonably, maybe just some new bench tops, a fancy fridge with an ice-maker and new tiles. Definitely new tiles – and they had to be white subway ones with a dark grey grout.

Before long I’d convinced myself my future health and happiness depended on those tiles. Then I came across this post which brought me back down to earth – in the nicest way possible. It gave a healthy dose of perspective to the dangers of ‘trying to keep up with the Jones’ and being sucked in by the air of perfection images on the internet deliver. I realised I actually quite like my kitchen, not necessarily for the way it looks (although I do like that, now the fever has subsided) but what I do in there – feed my family, bake, entertain friends – all those things that make it the heart of my home.

I’m gradually feeling better and I’m still doing a little surfing – I really enjoy being able to step into other people’s kitchens and I’m not going to give that up. But hopefully there will be a little bit more perspective now.