Happy for others, not sad for ourselves

It’s been a busy few weeks at my daughter’s school. As the term draws to a close this week there are the finals of a talent show and a baking competition to look forward to. We’ve also just had end of season prize-giving for soccer and netball, and the biennial science fair. I like that the children have a chance to excel and be rewarded for their talent and hard work. But the concept of winning and losing can be a hard one to accept – no matter what our age.

At home we try and follow the idea of being ‘happy for others, not sad for ourselves’. But of course that’s sometimes easier said than done. At the end of the day I think it comes down to kindness, a trait I rate very highly, so I loved this story I discovered via The Huffington Post. Once again it points out that as mothers we need to role model the kinds of characteristics we want our daughters to own and display.