Hello, we made it

31 October 2013

Okay, I admit it. I got my nine-year-old daughter to do my homework. We’ve been planning this blog for months now and when it came to our first post I needed some help.

Four times a year The Parenting Place produces Parenting, a magazine we hope inspires parents to become the kind of parents they want to be, and give their kids a warm and creative childhood, while guiding them through to independence. But four times a year isn’t quite enough. We wanted to share what goes on behind the scenes creating the magazine, what we’d love to include but don’t have the space to, and what inspires us with our own families. Most of all we want to celebrate families – it’s no secret that here at The Parenting Place we believe Family is Everything.

Of course every family is different. When it came to ours, I was interested to see how my daughter would describe it. She’s writing acrostic poems at school. Remember these? The teacher would write a word up on the blackboard and pupils would have to come up with a word for every letter. She said she chose mischievous because, “No family is perfect, Mummy,” and on second thoughts decided we were more lively than lovely. I love it.

Each week we’ll be talking more about families (you’ll be hearing from a few of us here at The Parenting Place and some of our friends in the community) and I hope we’ll be hearing more about yours.