But I’m not feeling Christmassy enough

26 November 2013

Sunday night was our suburb’s carols by candlelight evening at the local park. My children had been looking forward to it all week. For them it heralds the start of the Christmas season – and there’s usually someone handing out free lollies. But even though I’m usually counting down sleeps with the best of them, I couldn’t quite find my Christmas spirit. It’s too early, I said. It’s still November, I groaned. We’ve had such a busy weekend, I grumbled. I just don’t feel Christmassy enough!

Logically I had no reason to feel grumpy about it. The park is two minutes walk from our house (no hassles about traffic or parking), it was a beautiful sunny evening (no juggling umbrellas and raincoats), and our neighbours were going (someone to mind the picnic rug while we wandered off to chat). Of course I couldn’t resist my children’s pleas and as we wandered down the road their enthusiasm was infectious. But I also made the decision to be present. We jumped up and joined in the on-stage Zumba demonstration and boogied with the band.

As the sun went down, we snuggled up to keep warm and sang along to the familiar carols. I know there will be other grumpy days before December 25th, but hopefully I’ve worked out Christmas isn’t just a feeling, it’s what you do with the people you love.