Let’s celebrate

If there’s one thing I’d like my children to remember about their childhood, it’s that we celebrated the little things. I want them to know that making a person, a day or an achievement special doesn’t involve a big budget, a trip to the shops or visiting a restaurant. Which is why last week a banner was painstakingly crafted, and a cake was put in the oven as the children counted down to their Dad’s arrival home from a particularly long trip away for work.

For years I was always the driver of such celebrations (although even as a toddler my daughter would suddenly announce that today  was teddy’s birthday and a batch of cupcakes needed to go in the oven instantly), but I’m loving that as they get older the kids are increasingly recognising the small moments and making an effort.

They suggest giving the red plate to each other – and us – when we’ve worked hard on something or finished a particular project and are quick to suggest we bake something for a celebratory afternoon tea. I accept that sometimes it may be just as much about a desire to eat something delicious as it is to celebrate their sibling, but it’s a start and definitely a sentiment I can work on!