Making life easier

Recently, I found myself in one of those situations when I was juggling several things at once. I had children going in several directions and a good friend needed a break and asked me to pick up her children from school. My planned trip to the supermarket was going to get squeezed out of the schedule and I needed to find a smart solution that would allow me to be a great friend, but also make sure I had food on the table for the week.

I am pretty good at finding a bargain and shopping smartly, so although I was aware of Countdown’s online shopping service, I had never used it. I thought it would be more expensive due to the delivery charges, and I wasn’t sure they would deliver out to where we live. However, a lunchtime conversation with another budget-conscious work colleague revealed she was a regular user. In fact, she believed she saved money on her shop because she wasn’t tempted to buy things that weren’t on her list – this was a good point.

We are fortunate at The Parenting Place because our Greenlane head office is not far from a Countdown and I’d noticed they have a Click and Collect service.  I thought I would try it and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Firstly, it was good to sit down that night and discuss the list with the family as I browsed online. I always mean to menu plan for the week but rarely live up to my intentions.  I asked everybody what was needed and discussed meal options for the week.

The site had several times during the day I could pick up, so I could arrange for my shopping to be ready when I finished for the day. The next day their customer service team called to check my times and discuss a couple of items I had chosen that were out of stock. They asked if I would like to swap these for other brands at the same price. It was fantastic service.

I usually only have just enough time to drive from work to my son’s school and can’t allow time for diversions, but with the special Click and Collect parks right out the front of the supermarket it only took me five minutes to swing in, check my order and load it into the car – brilliant.  My kids are older now but I wish I had used this when I had toddlers. I think it would have saved me a lot of grey hairs and embarrassment.