Silent for a cause

My daughter started talking very early in life and hasn’t really stopped since. So I was both impressed and flabbergasted when she announced she will be taking a vow of silence this weekend as part of World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine.

A big group of her friends are taking part and they are doing everything from the traditional 40 hours without food, to giving up technology, or doing 40 acts of kindness in 40 hours. While certainly no mean feat, I can’t help wondering if 40 hours without food might be the easier option for my girl, especially since her little brother is determined to make the most of her silence.

But she’s determined to make it through and has collected as many sponsorship pledges as she can. She’s found a notebook and pen, but has said she will only use it to communicate in “emergencies” (no doubt to ask what’s for dinner!).

My memory of doing the famine included mass sleepovers and carefully timed barley sugars. It’s impressive that the famine has stood the test of time and a whole new generation is using it as a way to learn about the challenges people face in other parts of the world, and do their bit of help.

This year, the money raised will go towards fighting hunger in Bangladesh.