Take the quiz

My children have gone quiz mad and now the whole family is addicted. It started with What Star Wars character are you? (curiously, we’re a family made up entirely of Princess Leias). Now, thanks to zimbio we all know which character from The Muppets we are, which of the Frozen cast we most resemble, and who from the Harry Potter series we are like.

It’s been an interesting exercise. Some of us have come close to tears when the end result hasn’t been the favoured character – even I was kind of disappointed when I turned out to be sensible Dumbledore when secretly I fancied myself as feisty Hermione. But it’s been a good chance to talk about positive characteristics and the kind of person we’d like to be. We’ve also talked about how skewing your answers so you end up as your favourite person isn’t necessarily success!

While it’s lots of fun seeing who we resemble in popular culture, I don’t know how I’d feel if I went online and found a quiz called What kind of parent are you? Would I be honest and would there be a difference between the parent I want to be and the one I actually am? I’m sure there would be significant differences.

It’s not exactly a quiz but our Hot Tips brochure How am I doing?  is a good way to take stock of how we feel our parenting is going. Every job requires a performance review now and again! It’s not something to be done on a downer when it feels as though nothing is going right; it’s about recognising what we’re doing well, and where we need to make some changes.