Thanks to the dads

This is one of my favourite photos showing my husband being a dad – and it doesn’t even show his face! For me it’s all about the forearms. I took the picture in hospital the day after our daughter was born. It didn’t take her long to find the safest, strongest and most secure place to sleep in her brand new world. I love that the strong arms that carried her threw her up in the air and steadied her while she learned to ride a bike, are still the ones she retreats to when life gets a little exhausting 10 years later.

At our place we’ve always celebrated Father’s Day with homemade cards and gifts. When the children were little, I was the art director and head baker, but it’s lovely now they are that much older and have loads of their own ideas and plans to surprise their dad with.

The spring issue of Parenting magazine is on sale this week. We talk to a new dad to find out how he has found the first few months of his daughter’s life, and we also have great ideas for making cards for this Sunday. Kids can use the word ‘father’ or ‘dad’ as a starting point to describe how they would describe their daddy. There’s also a questionnaire for your kids to fill out to find out what they think their dad looks like, smells like and is good at. I love the idea of getting them to fill this out every year of their childhood to see how their answers change.