The little things are the big things

We’re all looking for the big break, to be successful, to get into the big league.
Out there, up there, over the rainbow.
Sure – climb, grow, achieve, succeed – it’s good.
We wish you all that. But don’t miss what you already have.
In amongst the dirty faces and dirty dishes, right there in the middle of that noise, mess and tears is the greatest work of your life.
To shape lives, to grow hearts that love and hope, to create the future out of cuddles and kisses.
The little things are the big things.
Where’s your wealth? You’re rich right here.
Where’s your fame? Could it match the place you have in their hearts?
The only thing bigger than what you have right here, right now, in your home,
Is what these young lives will grow in to.
You’re pouring yourself into their lives, and all the lives they will touch, and the lives that will flow from them.
All that comes from what you have right now – all that you are doing right now.
If you have the privilege to be a mum or a dad, to be a coach, to be whānau, you’ve already made it to the top.
This is life. This is being rich. The little things are the big things.


The Parenting Place is delighted to partner with Sentinel Homes to bring you this campaign dedicated to Kiwi mums and dads enjoying their parenting and home life that much more. Enjoy the Little Things is about taking time to appreciate your children in the small moments as well as the big ones. Many of these occur in the home itself – sitting in the lounge deciding what Saturday night movie to put on, staying an extra couple of minutes after they’ve fallen asleep, making pancakes in funny shapes and laughing together about it – and we love celebrating them all. Thanks, Sentinel Homes, for partnering with us.