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Last year Mothercare in the UK did a survey asking 1000 children between the age of two and 12 what they wanted to be when they grew up. Here are the results –

  1. Doctor (9%)
  2. Footballer (8%)
  3. Teacher (8%)
  4. Dancer (6%)
  5. Police officer (5%)
  6. Firefighter (4%)
  7. Scientist (4%)
  8. Musician (4%)
  9. Actor (2%)
  10. Nurse (2%)

Nice to see scientists making the top 10, as always kids seem to love any job that includes a uniform. But there’s actually something very cool children can do right now – they don’t even have to wait until they are grown up. To celebrate its annual toy sale next month, The Warehouse is offering four Kiwi kids the chance to be Toy Testers – assessing and rating the toys they get sent by The Warehouse’s toy buying team.

This would have been a dream come true for me when I was little. Back then I used to create little magazines with stories on the toys every child should have  – Daisy dolls (like Barbie, but not quite so busty), roller skates and a Fisher Price family treehouse were top of my hit parade.


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Hannah Dickson

Hannah was the editor of Parenting magazine and from 2008 until 2015. She's a mother of two primary school-aged children and is passionate about baking, cupcakes and giving children a great start with a warm and creative family life.


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    My cabbage patch doll, her name was Edith. I still have her. Can’t wait to have a girl so she can play with her 🙂 My son doesn’t think much of her.

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    I used to have a rag doll (Mum made her for me), that was almost as big as me (when I was 3!). Her name is Lucy. One day, Mum & I had a fight, and I got sooooo mad I didn’t know what to do – so I went into my bedroom and bit her forehead and ended up ripping her forehead. I was so upset. A couple of weeks later, Mum told me that she’d gone to the hospital to get fixed. I didn’t believe her. But then, a few weeks after that, we went to the actual hospital to pick her up…! As it turns out, Mum had fixed her and she had organized with the nurses to look after her for a day or two and that we’d come and pick her up. It was the craziest thing in the world. I still have her, and when I have a girl, Lucy will be hers… 🙂

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    my fav was my cabbage doll Anita. she had green eyes a luttle tuft of yellow gsir on top of her head and cute little dimple on chin. She was my only “doll” as i was abit of a tom boy so loved her dearly. <3

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    My favourite toy was my strawberry shortcake doll I loved taking her out with me and cuddling up to her at night time, when you pressed her tummy she would blow kisses that smelt like strawberries. I still have her and my 3 year old daughter now plays with her.

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    I loved my doll that used to be my mums, it was quite life like and called Tania. Tania would cry when you tipped her upside down. She was great 🙂

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    When i was 5 i had my tonsils out, i came home to find a Kenner Tree Tot Tree House set. This became my most beloved toy, i spent hours playing with my Tree Tot family. Now i have children they too have loved playing with it, and it will be played with by future grandchildren. It was sturdy and built to last, and i love it.

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    I loved playing with the life-like but tiny bricks at my grandparents house. We used them to make walls and fences for the farm animal toys.

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    My favourite toy was my cuddly pink elephant teddy. I called him Jumbo, and got very upset when my sister called him “Dumbo”! I don’t know what ever happened to him:( My uncle gave him to me when I was born.

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    My teddy, Hugo 🙂 He was always with me, but never left the house, in case I would lose him. He barely had any stuffing left in him, due to being washed & the stuffing shrinking from the heat of the dryer. Even when I got ‘too old’ for the bear, he took pride & place in my bedroom and after I got married & we had a son. I had Hugo properly stuffed and gave him to my 5yr old son.

    My son loves Hugo, so much! He knows it’s mum’s special bear & he takes great care of it (read: doesn’t get thrown around like some of the other cuddles do hahaha). He’s lost stuffing ago (same reason) and I must get him stuffed, but I’ve noticed the ‘teddy fur’ coming off his nose; all the kisses & cuddles from my boy that did that 😉 Hugo also never leaves the house, ‘just in case’.

    Still a very special bear, first for me, and now my son’s BFF 🙂

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    I loved my doll Jane – she is one of those life size dolls and she went everywhere with me! Her hair is now severely matted and needs redoing which freaks my hubby out haha I plan to get her ‘redone’ and gift her to my own daughter when she is a bit older so she can have a new life of love.

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    I loved my monchichi…a little monkey soft toy with a hard face that could suck its thumbs. It went everywhere with me 🙂

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    I loved my roller skates!! Remember getting them for Christmas and trying them out on our cul-de-sac without any knee/elbow pads in a pair of shorts – didn’t even care about the grazes (and there was a lot ;-).

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    My fave toy growing up was my Bumble Lion Wuzzle!! I still have him 30 odd years later… and a little reluctant to relinquish him to my kids haha!

    • Olivia Dajevic

      Congratulations Sandra, you are the lucky winner of this competition. We hope you enjoy your new furry friend! We have sent you an email on how to claim your prize.

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    All time favourite toy was the slinky had so many ways of entertaining specially having to un tangle them. The colours of this remind me so much of my child hood id adore this catipilar and I know my son will to 🙂

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    My favourite was and IS my Bunny. I’m 23 and he still sleeps with me. Maybe it’s why im single…. naaaah lol he gets turned around and comfortably put under the bed when I have a man! Would love this caterpillar for my friends new baby thats on the way xx

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    The teddy that had been my dads when he was little! I still have it, but it only partially resembles a teddy bear now!

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    My favourite toy as a child was a purple elephant that had been passed down from my two older siblings! We had it for years!!!

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    My fave toy growing up was my lotsalegs and my carebear both of which all 5 of my older children have enjoyed they now belong to our 6th little girl 😀

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    Probably my Barbies. I spent hours playing with them as a child. One in particular I loved was “Pearly Princess Cindy”, I thought she was so pretty with her pink sparkly dress and long blonde hair.

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    I had a play kitchen that was my favourite for a long time, my sister and I were only one year apart and played with it for hours and hours dreaming up all sorts of role-play ideas. My little boy turns two in August and I have a lovely wooden kitchen ready to give him!