Toy testers

Last year Mothercare in the UK did a survey asking 1000 children between the age of two and 12 what they wanted to be when they grew up. Here are the results –

  1. Doctor (9%)
  2. Footballer (8%)
  3. Teacher (8%)
  4. Dancer (6%)
  5. Police officer (5%)
  6. Firefighter (4%)
  7. Scientist (4%)
  8. Musician (4%)
  9. Actor (2%)
  10. Nurse (2%)

Nice to see scientists making the top 10, as always kids seem to love any job that includes a uniform. But there’s actually something very cool children can do right now – they don’t even have to wait until they are grown up. To celebrate its annual toy sale next month, The Warehouse is offering four Kiwi kids the chance to be Toy Testers – assessing and rating the toys they get sent by The Warehouse’s toy buying team.

This would have been a dream come true for me when I was little. Back then I used to create little magazines with stories on the toys every child should have  – Daisy dolls (like Barbie, but not quite so busty), roller skates and a Fisher Price family treehouse were top of my hit parade.