What’s for dinner?

I’ve always associated the netball court with great conversations. When I was at school I remember discussing game strategies, plans for the weekend – and boys. Now I’m a mother on the sideline watching my daughter out on the court, I still have great conversations on the court. We discuss game strategies, plans for the weekend, and what we can possibly scramble together to give our families for dinner that evening.

As the winter has progressed and the evenings have become colder, wetter and darker, I’ve found dinner needs to be a little more organised. Whether the game’s been a triumph or a defeat, we’re always cold and hungry when we walk in the door. I have to say there are few things that make me feel me more like an organised mother than arriving home to the smell of dinner cooking away. This is the time of year when you realise the true worth of your slow cooker.

So increasingly, conversations around the netball court involve what’s in the slow cooker for that evening. My husband has a habit of referring to dinners I’ve cooked this way as ‘brown food’, so I’m always on the lookout for recipes that will prove him wrong. That’s why I’m loving Simon and Alison Holst’s new book Slow Food Fast (Hyndman Publishing $14.99). What I like about this little book is that it’s all about the ‘throw and go’ approach to getting dinner ready. The recipes don’t take long to prepare, so you can chuck everything in the slow cooker and then be on your way.


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Hannah Dickson

Hannah was the editor of Parenting magazine and theparentingplace.com from 2008 until 2015. She's a mother of two primary school-aged children and is passionate about baking, cupcakes and giving children a great start with a warm and creative family life.

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