10 things we loved about ‘The Lego Movie’

The school holidays start at the end of the week and the chances are going to the movies is high on your children’s list of things to do. We caught an early viewing of The Lego Movie and absolutely loved it. Here’s why –

  • The hero Emmet is an everyday kind of guy who discovers he really is special – a perfect message for our kids
  • There were just enough butt jokes to keep our sons happy
  • It showed that sometimes it’s ok to follow the instructions
  • Wyldstyle, the main female character, gets to build and drive the cool stuff. She’s also a great leader who learns she doesn’t have to create crazy labels for herself
  • It made our kids laugh, but we laughed just as hard
  • We always knew Green Lantern was the most annoying of the super heroes – the movie proved it
  • It shows it’s usually far more effective to work together as a team than battle on by ourselves
  • It showed other people have wondered who would win in a Dumbledore vs Gandalf wizard-off
  • There’s just the right amount of nostalgia for those of us who remember 80’s spaceman and the like
  • Of course there is plenty of movie-related merchandise available, but the truly great thing about Lego is that your kids can go home all inspired by the movie, and immediately start building things using their imagination. Our generic construction man really has become Emmet