4 ways for Father’s Day

1. Create your own gift tags4-ways-for-Father's-Day-003

How to: Depending on the size of your little monster, you can use their fist or thumb prints for the shape of the monster, or paint it freehand. Then glue on googly eyes and go to town with horns, teeth, arms and legs. We bought the googly eyes at Spotlight and a $2 shop.

2. The ultimate card for dad4-ways-for-Father's-Day-004

How to: How many words do you need to describe your dad? There’s plenty of scope for imagination using either ‘Dad’ or ‘Father’.

Download the template here – The ultimate card for dad 

3. DIY shirt and tie card4-ways-for-Father's-Day-005

How to: This gorgeous shirt and tie card is much easier than it looks. Fold a sheet of A4 card in half, cut a slit a third of the way down the front and fold it back to create the colour. Add a tie and buttons in the style that suits your dad.

4. Fill out a questionnaire4-ways-for-Father's-Day-006

How to: Kids say the cutest things. Get them to fill in this questionnaire and discover how they see their dad. We like the idea of collecting them over the years and seeing how the answers change.

Download the questionnaire here –