4 ways with animal crafts

4-ways-with-animal-crafts-0021. Animal wrap

How to: Wrap up your gifts in brown paper (putting your gift in a box before wrapping makes it much easier). Decide what sort of animal you would like your gift to be, and then paint the animal’s features on some extra paper. Once the paint is dry, cut out the animal features and glue onto the wrapped gift. Add extra detail using a marker pen.

4-ways-with-animal-crafts-0032. Cat house

How to: Take a cardboard box and cut down the sides to lay flat. Trace and cut out eight template triangles and eight template rectangles from your cardboard, cutting a circle in one of the pieces to create an entrance. Paint half of the panels as shown and once dry assemble the house by taping the panels together on the inside with masking tape. Cover the outside joins with Washi tape.

4-ways-with-animal-crafts-0043. Hang it by the tail

How to: Paint a rectangular piece of timber in your desired colour. While the paint is drying, carefully cut out the stencil found on the A little moment blog. Once the paint is dry, place the stencil on the timber and secure in place with masking tape. Paint over the stencil with care. Once this layer is dry add other painted elements. Mark in pencil where you want the hooks to go, and screw them in.

4-ways-with-animal-crafts-0054. Kitty purse

How to: Cut and lay out a kitten template on two different colours of felt. Pin the pattern in place on the felt and cut out. Match the pattern pieces and stitch together using a blanket stitch. Mark with chalk where the button hole needs to go and carefully cut with a scalpel. Sew on a button-nose and paint on the facial features and ear details.



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