4 ways with Easter bunnies

4-ways-with-easter-bunnies-0021. Easter bunny pancakes

How to: A perfect way to start your Easter morning – these Easter bunny pancakes are easy to make and look great. Cook two traditional round pancakes (one slightly smaller than the other), two long bunny ear-shaped pancakes and two small oval ones for the bunny’s feet. Finish up with whipped cream for the tail, slices of banana and choc chips for the paws, and a small ribbon around the neck for decoration.

4-ways-with-easter-bunnies-0032. DIY bookmark friend

How to: Cut coloured card into long rectangles. Using a marker, draw bunny faces, ears and legs on the top of each card, ensuring you draw the legs long enough to hold onto the edge of your page. Shade in the ears using crayons. Using scissors, cut out the bunny ears and then use a craft knife to cut out the bunny legs. Carefully pop the legs out so they can fold over the edge of your book page. Tada! You are all set to start reading.

4-ways-with-easter-bunnies-0043. Jar full of treats

How to: Draw the silhouette of a bunny on a white sticker. Cut the shape out and stick it on a jar. Paint the jar using Resene paints (we used Resene Sweet Corn, Resene Biloba Flower and Resene Softly Softly for the lids) and leave to dry for 20 minutes. Peel off the bunny silhouette, add a ribbon, and fill with Easter treats.

4-ways-with-easter-bunnies-0054. Bunny spoon puppets

How to: Start by painting two wooden spoons with Resene Gull Grey and Resene Softly Softly. While you are waiting for the paint to dry, cut bunny ears out of white felt and two cute noses from pink felt. Use the same pink felt to create the inner ears. Glue the inner ears to the outer ears using a hot glue gun. While the glue gun is still warm, secure the ears to the back of the spoons. Glue on the eyes and the pink felt noses. Then use a black marker to add smiles, eyelashes and freckles. Finally, put on an Easter puppet show to entertain family and guests.