4 ways with felt

1. Warm as toast4-ways-with-felt-002

Tailor-make these to suit the egg cups you have at home. Cut two shapes that will fit both the egg and the cup and sew together with blanket stitch. Glue or stitch on decorations. Try personalising them with names or initials.

2. Finger pals4-ways-with-felt-003

These are quick and easy to make – it can be show time an hour after you begin sewing. Sew finger-sized rectangles of felt together, then decorate with eyes, mouth and distinguishing characteristics.

3. Story time4-ways-with-felt-004

This one goes together a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Cut out the rocket and flame components, and stitch together. Sew or hot glue gun onto a loop of elastic that has been stitched securely. Wrap it around your book and you’ll never lose your place again.

4. You’ve got mail4-ways-with-felt-005

A re-useable envelope is perfect for leaving encouraging notes under your kids’ pillows. We cut out a rectangle of felt, angled the top, then used blanket stitch to sew it into a pouch. It’s secured with velcro. The felt circles are purely decorative! Love hearts would work well too.