4 ways with garlands

1. The holly and and the ivy

4-ways-with-garlands-001 How to: We painted cardboard in green, pink and orange (see colours below) and then used a circle punch to make the berries and made our own template for the holly. Using a machine, we sewed two holly shapes together vertically, interspersing them with berries of each colour. 

4-ways-with-garlands-0022. Sackcloth and ribbon

How to: We cut lengths of hessian into 12cm strips and frayed the edges. Using an embroidery needle threaded with string and a generous running stitch, we gathered the hessian into folds and added colourful ribbon bows at the seams where strips were joined together.

3. My heart on a string


How to:We painted cardboard pink on one side and bronze on the other and cut into 15cm x 3 cm strips. To create the hearts we stapled two strips together at one end, then folded them back on each other and stapled a new pair together in an upside down V shape. Keep repeating the process.

4-ways-with-garlands-0044. Loop the loop

How to: This one is simple, but effective. Cut pipe cleaners in half and twist into loops, then join together with glittery washi tape.