4 ways with kids’ artwork

1. Create a display board4-ways-with-kids-artwork-002

You will need: A large frame (make with architraves from a hardware store, or buy a secondhand frame and remove the picture), chicken wire, upholstery staple gun, felt, hot glue gun, pegs

  • Cut chicken wire to fit inside the frame, staple in place
  • Cut felt into squares and glue onto the back of frame to protect the walls from the wire
  • Hang on the wall and use pegs to attach artwork

2. Make your own art scrapbook4-ways-with-kids-artwork-003

The thing about displaying your children’s artwork is that as soon as you get it organised, more comes in. Try taking a photo of your child with all their magnificent creations at the end of each year or term, then display it in a scrapbook. It will be a great record of what they have made, while making room for more.

3. Make your own wall of fame4-ways-with-kids-artwork-004

You will need: Clipboards, blackboard paint, brushes and chalk

  • Paint clipboards with blackboard paint (we used Resene), allow to dry then add another coat
  • Use chalk to draw a border around each clipboard, then hang on the wall
  • Add more art as it arrives home

This is also a good way to display school notices.

4. Make colourful gift packs4-ways-with-kids-artwork-005

Turning your children’s artwork into wrapping paper and cards is a special way to personalise your gifts – and recycle! Grandma will just love it. The gift bags (pictured right) would make great goodie bags for a party.