4 ways with LEGO

LEGO-0031. Keys please

How to: Never lose your keys again with this handy LEGO key holder. Begin by using a rectangular LEGO board for the base. Build the word ‘keys’ using single and double-sized LEGO pieces in an assortment of colours. Next, take four flat LEGO pieces, and drill a small hole in the end of each one. Add each flat piece to a different set of keys, making them into key rings. Stick the key ‘sign’ on the wall near your front door, and when you come home, you can use your LEGO key ring to click your keys onto the bottom of the board.

LEGO-0042. Cheeky little planter box

How to: Start with a rectangular LEGO board for the base. Using an array of LEGO pieces, build up the walls along the outside edges of the base, leaving a space in the middle. Fill the space with soil or potting mix. A LEGO planter box is the perfect home for a hardy, easy-to-care-for succulent. Just take a cutting from an older plant and gently push it into the soil, making sure the soil is compacted around the base of the plant. Succulents don’t need too much water and do well as indoor plants, so they make great bedside table accessories.

LEGO-0053. Funky frame

How to: Get creative and build a funky frame out of all sorts of different LEGO pieces – a fun way to display to your child’s artwork. Before making the frame, get your child to paint a picture using Resene paints (we used Resene Trinidad, Green Smoke, Rouge, Gorse and Fountain Blue). While the paint is drying, create your frame. We recommend gluing the pieces of LEGO together as you go.

Once you have built the frame, take a piece of cardboard (measured to the size of the frame) and secure the painting to the card with glue or staples. Then, using a hot glue gun, secure the frame to the cardboard backing. Finally, cut out a small rectangle of cardboard, fold it in half, and hot-glue it to the back of your frame to create a stand. Display on a shelf in your home.

LEGO-0064. What’s your name?

How to: Add some colour to your child’s room by creating a LEGO name accessory. Using different coloured pieces of LEGO, build their name, making sure that the base of each letter is flat so they can stand without support. The size of the name is completely up to you, but make sure the letters are big and clear enough to be read with ease.



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