4 ways with maps

1. Make a garland4-ways-with-maps-002

You will need: Maps, thread, sewing machine

  • Cut out circles from a paper map (not too flimsy) or an old atlas (we used a punch)
  • Sew together on a sewing machine, leaving a length of thread between circles
  • Tie loops at each end for hanging

2. Frame a moment4-ways-with-maps-003

You will need: A special date, a map of where you were, a printed label, a frame

  • Choose a special date – it might be when your partner proposed, when you were married or when your first child was born
  • Find a map of where you were on that day
  • Cut it into a heart shape and glue onto black card
  • Highlight the exact spot with a sticker or pin
  • Frame and add the date

3. All tied up4-ways-with-maps-004

You will need: Folded paper map, split pin, scissors, guillotine or paper trimmer, drawing pin, ruler

  • Cut a 2cm wide strip from the map (make it as long as your map allows), this is easier if you cut it while it is still folded
  • Cut a piece from the strip that is 6cm in length
  • Make two holes using the drawing pin, approximately ½ cm from each end of this small strip
  • Insert the split pin through one hole then creating a circle push the split pin through the other hole
  • Don’t split the pin points/legs until later
  • Take the remaining long strip, pierce a hole at ½ cm, next make four holes 6cm apart, five holes 8cm apart and six holes at 10cm intervals
  • Push the pin through the very first hole (½ cm from the end of the strip)
  • Keeping the same surface face up loop the strip and push the pin through the next hole (this should make a triangular point at the end)
  • Repeat this until all of the holes are over the split pin and the bow is formed.
  • It will naturally make diagonal loops and create a flower shape
  • Split the pin to secure the bow
  • You can do this with any sort of paper you have, wrapping paper, music sheets or old comics

4. Journal covers4-ways-with-maps-005

You will need: Brown paper, map, labels

  • Either cover the whole book in map paper, or cover in brown paper and glue on a panel from a map
  • Make labels (we did this on our computer and printed them out)
  • Tie a length of string down the spine