4 ways with plastic animals

1. Make a themed print4-ways-with-plastic-animals-002

How to: We designed two small prints and painted a little lamb ‘white as snow’ to create a themed piece that would be at home in any child’s bedroom. We bought our plastic animals from a $2 shop.

2. Make dinosaur bookends4-ways-with-plastic-animals-003

How to: Our simple bookends are small boxes, weighted with a block of wood and wrapped in brightly-coloured paper. We used a hot glue gun to keep the painted dinosaurs in place.

3. Turn a cow into a succulent planter4-ways-with-plastic-animals-004

How to: Using a craft knife or scalpel carefully cut a small hole into the back of a large hollow plastic animal. Fill the opening with dirt and plant a succulent cutting or small cactus.

4. Make an animal-themed cake4-ways-with-plastic-animals-005

How to: These small cake toppers look great in any bright colour. Paint with contrasting colours to make tails and feet really stand out. We hot glued our candles on to keep them steady.