4 ways with pool noodles

1. Design your own summer wreath4-ways-with-pool-noodles-002

You will need: Pool noodle, craft foam, jandals and other summery items, hot glue gun, wire and thick tape

  • Thread wire through the noodle, shape into a circle and twist wire tightly to join
  • Wrap tape around the join to seal into wreath shape
  • Add foam shapes, jandals, sunglasses etc. with a hot glue gun

2. Make your own hobby horse4-ways-with-pool-noodles-003

You will need: Pool noodles, craft foam, large googly eyes, rope and hot glue gun

  • Fold noodle over by approximately 30 cm to form the horse’s head
  • Secure by tying a piece of rope
  • Trim the excess and use more rope to tie on a rein
  • Cut ears from foam in one piece and thread through the noodle crease
  • Use glue to keep in place
  • Cut two strips of foam, one slightly smaller than the other, to create mane
  • Snip edges to create texture and glue into place

3. Make a decorative garland4-ways-with-pool-noodles-004

You will need: Two different coloured pool noodles, nylon and long darning needle.

  • Using a serated bread knife, slice noodles into 2cm thick discs
  • Thread needle with nylon, and sew noodle discs together
  • Secure ends with knots

4. Make a marble race track4-ways-with-pool-noodles-005

You will need: pool noodle, toothpicks, skewers, craft foam and marbles

  • Cut noodles in half using a serated bread knife
  • Secure in side-by-side position using toothpicks
  • Cut flags from craft foam and attach to track using skewers and toothpicks
  • Elevate one end of the track on stairs or a chair and let the marble racing begin!


A generous hole in the centre of the noodle makes these projects easier.