4 ways with poppies

felt-poppy1. Close to your heart

Cut out two red felt petal templates. Cut green ribbon to length and fold. Layer the petals in place with the ribbon. Sew three beads through the layers to secure. Glue a brooch fastener to the back of the flower.


poppy-garland2. Loop-de-loop

Cut circles of varying sizes out of felt and place along a strand of natural string at even intervals. Sew a button through the centre of each felt flower and loop around the twine at the back to secure in place. Repeat for all poppies.


paper-poppies3. Forget me not

Cut small disks out of green felt and poke a piece of florist’s wire through the centre of each one. Bend the wire so it sits flat against the felt. Cut out circles from red tissue paper – some small and some large. Layer a small circle inside a larger one for each poppy and glue in place over the felt and wire. To finish, cut a black circle out of card and glue onto the centre of the flower.


poppy-frame4. Pretty as a picture

Paint stalks onto card using Resene Limerick. Then use two thumbprints with Resene Roadster to make the petals. Once dry, carefully draw a circle in the centre with glue and sprinkle on some poppy seeds.