4 ways with road trip games

4-ways-with-road-trip-games-0021. I spy with my little eye

How to: Find a small clipboard and paint with three coats of Resene Magnetic Magic. Then paint a top coat using your desired colour. Once the paint is dry, print out a scavenger hunt template from our A little moment blog and clip to the board. Use magnets to cover the objects as you spy them along the road.

2. Shake it up

4-ways-with-road-trip-games-003How to: Fill an ice cream container with uncooked rice. Drop in green and blue food colouring (just a little) and mix well. You can add more if you want a darker colour. Find a suitable sized plastic water bottle and make sure it is completely dry. Use a funnel to pour in your rice, filling two thirds of the bottle. Hunt around the house for small objects and make note of them on paper. Stick the paper to the front of the bottle and place the objects inside. Screw on the lid and seal with washi tape. Shake the bottle well and start object hunting!

4-ways-with-road-trip-games-0043. Building with imagination

How to: Paint both sides of four long pieces of cardboard, using one Resene colour each. Once the cardboard is completely dry, cut it into business card sized rectangles. Then cut a slit (approximately 2.5cm long) in the centre of each side of the rectangles. Slot the pieces of cardboard together and get creating.

4. Easy LEGO lunchbox

4-ways-with-road-trip-games-005How to: Find a lockable cardboard box (we got ours from our local $2 shop) and paint it the colour of your choice (we used Resene Endeavour and Fizz). Once dry, use large lego baseboards and lay them out on the top of the box. Once you are happy with your layout, glue them in place using craft glue (a hot glue gun will warp the boards). When the glue is dry, you are ready to fill up the box and go on holiday.