4 ways with rocks

1. Cheery cactus4-ways-with-rocks-002

How to: Paint five oblong rocks with cactus designs and leave to dry. Place a small pot upside down inside a larger pot, adding a cardboard disc on top to create a platform. We used a hot glue gun to keep the rocks in place.

2. Rock story4-ways-with-rocks-003

How to: Paint rocks with whimsical images that will inspire the imagination. Children can start a story by pulling a painted rock from the bag. The next part of the story is prompted by another rock, and so the story carries on.

3. Our family rocks4-ways-with-rocks-004

How to: We chose rocks of different sizes and shapes to represent each member of the family. When allowed to dry between layers, Resene paints work exceptionally well for rock painting, even at this level of detail. We used a black sharpie for outlines.

4. Noughts and crosses4-ways-with-rocks-005

How to: We used Resene Silver Aluminium and Gold Dust to give these rocks a touch of glamour. Noughts and crosses are ideal for playing either outside or on the lounge floor.