4 ways with wooden spoons

1. Make a gift for the kitchen4-ways-with-wooden-spoons-002

You will need: Wooden spoons, masking tape, paint brush, apron, mixing bowl or tea towel to coordinate. (Purchase the tea towel we used from The Parenting Place shop.)

  • Choose paint colours to match tea towel (we used Resene White, Bright Spark and Yabbadabbadoo)
  • Wrap masking tape around the spoon handles at varying distances apart
  • Paint one colour
  • Leave to dry and remove tape
  • Reapply masking tape creating another gap
  • Paint, dry and remove tape
  • Repeat until all colours are used
  • Glue into place

2. Make chocolate-covered spoons4-ways-with-wooden-spoons-003

You will need: Disposable bamboo spoons, chocolate buttons and baking paper

  • Melt chocolate slowly, stirring constantly
  • Dip spoon into the chocolate and cover
  • Rest on baking paper
  • Repeat until you have enough spoons covered then dry
  • Re-dip the spoons to get a thick cover
  • Use to stir hot chocolate for an extra chocolatey drink!

3. Make colourful garden windmills4-ways-with-wooden-spoons-004

You will need: Wooden spoon, plastic straw, 55mm long bolt 5mm diameter, two corresponding nuts, four washers, button, drill and drill bit, hot glue gun and two coloured A4 plastic sheets

  • Using the template (download here – windmill template) trace and cut two from the plastic sheets
  • Drill a hole in the centre of the oval end of the spoon and through the marked places on the plastic templates
  • Cut the straw into two 10mm long pieces
  • Cross the templates on top of each other. Put a washer onto the bolt and push through the six outside blades of the plastic, alternating colours. Thread another washer onto the bolt, then a straw, then another washer. Push this through the plastic template’s central holes.
  • Put another washer onto the bolt and twist a nut onto this (not too tight).Check the windmill will spin.
  • Put the last 10mm straw piece onto the bolt and push the remaining end through the spoon hole and attach the last nut. The plastic windmill should spin freely. Note – don’t tighten the nuts too tightly preventing spinning.
  • Hot glue a button to hide the end of the bolt

4. Create your own puppet show4-ways-with-wooden-spoons-005

You will need: Wooden spoons, paint, brush, hot glue gun, felt for decorating

  • Paint the head of the spoon with the palest base colour (we used Resene Princess for the pigs and Cioccolato for the wolf).
  • Once dry, paint the darker colour (Pink Panther) to create the snout for the pigs.
  • When this is dry, paint the eyes, mouth and nostrils with a dark colour (we used Possessed).
  • The wolf will need accents to make a pointy nose and hairy sides to the face (we used Sambucca).
  • Cut the felt to make ears and bow ties. Hot glue these into place.