Baby, it’s cold outside

There’s no denying winter has arrived both up and down the country. It can be a tricky time for families with all those sniffly bugs doing the rounds, but it can be a magical time too. Here are seven reasons winter can be great for kids.

  1. Movie night – Have an early dinner, get everyone in their jammies and snuggle up together with some of these family favourites.
  2. Hot chocolate – It’s the perfect after school treat after a freezing walk home from school or evening sports practise.
  3. Gumboots – Cabin fever is a very real threat for parents and children – rug up, put your gumboots on and splash in those puddles.
  4. Snow – Obviously this depends on where you live, but everyone remembers building their first snowman.
  5. New books – Head to the library with a large box and find enough interesting books to while away the afternoon.
  6. Ice skating
  7. Indoor camping – Our July/August issue goes on sale on Thursday, 2 July. We’ve got a great story on winter adventuring and turning your living room into a very comfy campground.