Celebrating Monday

For a while there, Mondays got crazy. Somehow we ended up with netball practice and swimming lessons on the same day. The kids seemed to cope okay, but I felt it was a frazzled start to the week and that we never really caught up with ourselves after such a busy start.

When Mondays calmed down, we decided to mark the changeover by doing something special at home each Monday. By far the most popular was rainbow pikelets. ‘Let’s add sprinkles’ morphed into ‘let’s make them in hundreds of colours’. Hundreds we couldn’t do, but rainbow colours we could.

We used our favourite Edmonds pikelet recipe as a base and added food colouring (the gel ones give the really vibrant colours). They weren’t a health food, but for a once in a blue moon experience, they created a great memory.

And guess what? We even had rainbow coloured dishes.