Create a Post-it Dry Erase Surface chore chart


1. Assemble all of your tools – Post-it Dry Erase Surface, Post-it Dry Erase cleaning cloth, Post-it notes, cardboard, paint brush, ribbon, washi tape, string, scalpel, scissors, split pin, paint and whiteboard markers.

2. Cut the cardboard to the overall size you would like the baseboard of the chart to be and paint it.

3. Layout the Post-it Dry Erase Surface. Tie a piece of string to the whiteboard marker and hold the other end tight against the Post-it Dry Erase Surface, and trace a circle. You will need one large circle and one small one for the centre. Cut these out carefully.

4. Create chore dividers on the Post-it Dry Erase Surface using washi tape in a start shape.


5. Place the larger Post-it Dry Erase Surface cut-out on the base board, peel the top 2cm of backing and use the Post-it dry erase cloth to smooth in place. Peel away the rest of the backing slowly and use the cloth to smooth out as you go.

6. Repeat the above process using the smaller Post-it Dry Erase Surface cut-out on some remaining cardboard. Once the Post-it dry erase surface is adhered, cut out disk carefully.

7. Push the split pin through the centre of the small circle, line up with the centre of the large circle, push the pin through and secure at the back.

8. Carefully cut two slots at the top of the baseboard, thread and tie the ribbon through (so you can hang the chore chart on the wall).


9. Use washi tape to create a set of dividers on the smaller circle (to put the names of the children on). Glue a decorative shape over the top to hide the pin and tape joins.

10. Glue some Post-it note pads along the side to leave reminders. Glue some paper strips in place to hold markers.

11. Write chores on the chart using a whiteboard marker.

12. Hang the chore chart on the wall and XYZ

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