Crocodile rock party

We loved it when our daughter Violet requested a crocodile party for her fourth birthday and we enjoyed bringing her ideas to life. We wanted the party to reflect not just the theme she had chosen, but also her interests, her own party ideas (not just ours!), her personality type, her age, the food and friends she loves and the way she enjoys interacting.






This not only made for a fun party but it made her feel loved, valued and validated. We hope it sent messages such as, “Mum and dad take me seriously” and, “I have good ideas”. A great party also considers what will help the little guests have a great time too, remembering that not all children are the same.






We find that children generally like knowing what is going to happen, enjoy a mix of free play and organised games, and do well with a bit of structure. Violet loves the paddling pool, colouring in, play-doh and reading so these were the activities that we included (each with a crocodile spin). We also had a crocodile ‘egg hunt’ that Violet came up with, and a crocodile pinata with her older brother in mind.






Focusing on what will make the day special for your child and their friends, rather than what you feel you should do, or what other families do, is also helpful in prioritising where you use your valuable time, energy and resources in the party process! So, if your daughter asks for an unusual theme at her next party, why not give it a go? If your son asks for only two friends at his party because he doesn’t enjoy crowds, see if you can make that work. If your child doesn’t want the adorable decorated cupcakes that you love creating, just go with it!